Elkco’s experience and knowledge on the efficient management of a ship’s structure at sea have made us capable on designing a useful engineering concept, tailor made to the individual hull forms and their associated engines and propulsion systems. The platform of the design concept utilizes the hull and engine manufacturers’ optimum data in a way to provide the operator with instantaneous information on any deviations of actual operating conditions from the model values presenting also a list of corrective, preventive and proactive actions which have to be taken in order to optimize the ship’s management. Thus, within the frame of optimum ship management ELKCO-SPM targets specific areas for improvement such as engine optimization (studying all combustion parameters), speed profile, immersed hull condition, hull condition, trim correction, weather effect etc. ELKCO-SPM provides the right tool for the ships operators to manage their fleet in an economical, environmentally friendly and beneficially way. ELKCO –SPM can be delivered as a standalone platform or as an integrated part of a Modular System comprised of three main tools:

  • Fuel Control & Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Engine Performance Monitoring

ELKCO-SPM is a tool not only for the technical dept. but also for the financial management. ELKCO-SPM is designed to adapt to the particular needs of each vessel in-line with the manufacturers’ requirements. The software receives actual data derived directly from the vessel, verifies them, processes them, creates comments based on them and produces a graphical or tabulated representation of them. In addition the user is allowed to create customized reports and graphs based on his particular needs / preferences.